Social Media news

3 11 2011

A few grabs from today’s social media news:

1. Can Social Media improve your health? Adelaide University researchers are working with Lyell McEwin Hospital to see if social media can be used to improve the health of expectant mothers and their babies.

2. Social Media, Identity Theft and the law. A New Jersey woman is facing court over allegedly creating a fake Facebook account in the name of her ex-boyfriend, a cop, and then writing disparaging and humiliating remarks about him as he had written them about himself. Lesson of the day” crime is crime whether it is committed online or offline. But online is often easier to track.

3. A post-mortem on the use of Social Media in the spring uprisings in the Middle East. An interesting case study from a Yemeni activist says that in fact Yemenis used radio ad SMS to organise more than social media, but she also comments on the effect international support via Youtube had on critics.

4. Protect your online reputation. Not really news, but a great reminder to protect and monitor your online reputation on a regular basis.

5. And to finish with some humour…. How to find out if it is raining using Twitter. University of Bristol’s Intelligent Systems Lab (I kid you now) have used analysis of Twitter to work out if it is raining outside, thus proving that people do really talk about the weather on WWW (and no doubt other trivia highly irrelevant to the rest of the world). In case you didn’t already know that. Your tax-payer dollar (pound) at work, people!


No whales were harmed in the making of this posting.

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