The joys of Slideshare

18 11 2011

After a considerable amount of procrastinating, I have finally got around to getting a Slideshare account.

Ah – the joy!

As a study-junkie (I have just about finished my third Masters degree – I sometimes wonder if I am single-handedly keeping the Australian University system afloat with my fee repayments), I have a large number of academic documents and powerpoint presentations lying around. And really, once you have handed them in, perhaps presented them at a conference, they sit on your computer hard drive gathering dust.

Might as well be out there in the real world, hopefully offering some value to someone, perhaps adding to my public profile.

So I spent this morning loading up some old powerpoints (and some are a little dated) and my Masters Public Health thesis. And discovering that i can’t actually find my Masters of Arts, Communication Management thesis, which is a little concerning. I can find the literature review, but not the actual thesis.

I have posted the links on my Facebook page, twittered a couple of them, and linked the account and a couple of the documents to my LinkedIn account.

And within an hour, one of the documents had over 200 hits on it! Amazing.

So the moral of the story is, documents that had done their value for me, are suddenly of use to others! (I am avoiding the trash and treasure cliche, because they weren’t ever trash.)

If you are interested, my Slideshare account is here.