18 09 2011

the rabbit helps himself to dinner

Ran into a friend yesterday and our talk turned to pet rabbits – as it does.

I was saying that our rabbit (about which I have previously written) seems to have attached itself to its owner, recognises his voice and loves being picked up and held. However I was commenting that it is hard to tell if a rabbit actually likes something. It doesn’t seem to have any facial expression. And it doesn’t wag its tail like a dog. We gather it likes being held because it appears to ask to be picked up. And when held, it sits passively and uncomplainingly.

Of course, it might just be resigned to its fate.

However my friend said that their (late) rabbit had a sense of humour. And of course, I enquired as to how she could tell.

There were two stories. The first was its predilection for humping men’s legs – preferably men wearing shorts. While amusing, it occurred to me that this actually reflected my friend’s sense of humour rather than necessarily the rabbit’s.

The second story however was pretty funny.

Their rabbit had free run of the back yard during the daytime. While they were having renovations done, my friend was watching from inside the house. The builder set up a string line to ensure that he was laying bricks in a straight line. As he turned his back to pick up the bricks, the rabbit, which had been hiding in the bushes, ran out and bit the string line, breaking it. Then it ran back into its hiding spot in the bushes. Apparently this happened about four times until the builder worked out what was happening – all the while my friend was laughing uncontrollably inside the house (which is what we did before LOLs).

So maybe the rabbit did have a sense of humour.

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