Cruising for Trouble

31 03 2012

Cruise Ships and a tall ship in the Bay of Sorrento, off Sorrento, Italy, 2011. No reason to think any of these have had trouble though!

Guess what I got for Christmas?

I got a brochure for a cruise around the Mediterranean stopping off at points north, south, east and west of the sea – a quick jaunt around fifteen countries (ish) without having to unpack or move hotels. Sounds fab?

January 13: The cruise ship the Costa Concordia hit a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the eastern shore of Isola del Giglio, off the western coast of Italy. The Captain, it is alleged, steered the ship too close to the shore – allegedly a common practice to give passengers and people ashore better views – and then bailed out in one of the first lifeboats that was launched. Investigations continue – at least 30 dead.

February 27: A fire on the cruise ship the Costa Allegra left that ship without power and adrift in the Indian Ocean 200 miles southwest of the Seychelles. This area is frequented by pirate ships.

March 31: Cruise ship the Azamara Quest is adrift powerless in the waters south of the Philippines following a fire that took out its engines.

Alarmingly, googling “cruise ships 2012 incidents” brought up way too much information – much more than I really wanted to know. (If this is your thing, or you want to scare yourself precruise, try here and here.)

Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something?