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24 03 2012

As an intrepid explorer of social media, I find I am increasingly coming across a number of new social media options. And quite frankly, I’m not sure of their value and I’m not sure if I physically have the time to deal with them. So let me know your opinion.

I’ll start by declaring my social media preferences: I am addicted to Facebook, I love LinkedIn, I am quite active on Twitter (but largely promoting my blogs – true confession). I am somewhat present in Pinterest and Foursquare (although frankly Pinterest’s “ownership” of content makes nervous). I dip into Youtube from time to time but generally I don’t actually have the time to sit through a 3 minute video. True story. And I am obsessed with blogging. If you can count it, it is a competition. Sad but true.

1. Klout. I confess I lost faith in Klout when it nominated me as an expert on London. Why? I have no idea since I have not knowingly written anything about London online (it is too long since I have been there) and only a couple of my English friends live in London. How did Klout decide this was my area of expertise (as opposed to, for instance, the country I live in)?

2. Branchedout. This Facebook app bills itself as the network boasting the most job connections on Facebook. Hmm. Possibly because there isn’t any competition.

3. Aboutme. Point? Niche? I just don’t get it.

4. Peerindex. Seems like a copycat Klout.

Fundamentally these all don’t seem to add any value to my life, they take time and they request and collate my personal and online information into yet another source that I need to manage. Maybe I’d be better off being streamlined – sleek and aerodynamic and dump all the excess baggage.

Of course I could just be grumpy.



Career networking sites

25 08 2011

Just a quick one.

I am a great fan of LinkedIn. As someone who loves redoing her resume, keeping it up to date (yes, my friends think I am diagnosable), I discovered this a while back. I like being able to maintain my resume in a different site (in case my computer crashes and dies). I have since assembled a great group of colleagues and former colleagues as my contacts list, and joined a number of groups.

I have to say I don’t really participate in the groups very much and hence I know I am not getting the most out of the site or the networking. If I had more time perhaps. I’ll put it on my “to do list” for when I have finished my current study (Dec 2011 – but who’s counting?).

As I work in a fairly mobile industry, I also love being able to keep up with my referees and their current contact details. I have recently upgraded from the free profile to one of the premium accounts – largely so I could see the full list of who was checking my profile!

However recently I have been invited to join two more similar sites.

Branchout is a Facebook App which seems to run a similar career profile function to LinkedIn. Now this is a problem for me, because, as per previous posting, I keep my career and social networking sites very (very) separate, and Facebook is designated as my social site. So my Branchout profile has become the intersection of the Venn Diagram of my career and social worlds, and I am proceeding cautiously. And part of my caution is because I am still not convinced this is going to offer me anything that LinkedIn doesn’t already. Do I need to maintain two parallel profiles? The jury is out.

Now I have also been invited to join – I have to say I am not quite sure what to make of this. I have a minimal account at the moment with little details because it is not quite clear what this site’s purpose is and where it might fit in my life. It has to be said I don’t think I know many people on yet so there are not many linkages, and perhaps that will make the difference.

Do you use Branchout of ? and if so, how do you use it – what social media niche does it fill in your life? Or are these just wannabes?

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