Mudmap originated in my facebook page, where I seemed to end up churning articles and posts that interested me – psychology, social media, research, business culture, and bizarre and amusing things.

The term Mudmap is an Australian colloquialism which refers (literally) to drawing a map on the ground with a stick to show someone how to get to a place. It is frequently used to mean a hand-drawn map: temporary, transient, ephemeral.

In this blog, it is used as a metaphor for finding a way through life – something that we all have in common. No-one comes into this world with a guidebook, a set of rules or a plan. We all have to develop these through trial and error. As my mother said, if you can learn from the mistakes of others, it’s less painful.

The bizarre items – chewing gum for the mind – are as important as the serious posts. Laughing and enjoying life is important to me. Life is strange. People are strange. We all do strange things from time to time. These things are worth celebrating and enjoying.

These are things that I find interesting – and hopefully you will too.

Welcome! Please leave a comment and tell me about what you find interesting and amusing. I am also keen to receive links to items you think I might find relevant or amusing.

NB – as this blog has progressed it seems to have divided into a few distinct streams – travel, social media and psychology are probably strongest, but there are others. The easiest way to follow the thread you are interested in is to click on the keyword you are interested in on the right hand side of the page. Good luck!

8 responses

8 11 2011

Hi there, I do enjoy your blog site – many a time have I thought along similar lines! Keep it coming!

9 11 2011

Thanks! I am but a frustrated writer….and I do love having an audience!

28 12 2011

Keep them coming! An enjoyable and insightful read. Cheers.

28 12 2011

Thanks Terry! Getting myself motivated too!

5 02 2012

Mudmap… I like the term. A bit like when in my country they give directions as: “You know so and so’s house, right? Make a left there. And at the colonial house that is now painted red? Well you make a right. Go 5 blocks, past the pharmacy….” etc. 🙂

5 02 2012

haha – yes indeed! Which country are you from? Now you will have to see if you can use it in a sentence and if anyone understands you! Thanks for stopping by.

17 06 2012

interesting idea…looking forward to reading more

17 06 2012


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