Warning: This posting may be damaging to your Johnny Depp fantasies

13 05 2012

For those of us who grew up in the 1980s, the idea of mixing Michael Bolton and Johnny Depp is bizarre.

Michael Bolton: King of mullets (thinning business on top and party halfway down his back). Yacht-rock aficionado (a softer version of stadium-rock, full of overly sentimental lyrics and video clips with wind blowing in the aforementioned-hair). Serial dater of highly decorative women like Nicolette Sheridan (I’m not sure how he achieved this, given afore-mentioned hair, but it was the 1980s.)

Johnny Depp: He is the cheekbones to die for. I vaguely recall dating someone purely on the basis of his Johnny-Depp-cheekbones. 21 Jump Street – the original TV series. And then going into the indi-cred Tim Burton Movies which largely relied on his pathos as a misunderstood freak in an overly-conservative society. And his cheekbones. And the association with Gonzo-journalism (aka drug-addled personal experience stream of consciousness hallucinogenic writing) through his friendship with Hunter S. Thompson.

So these two things would seem to be anathema of each other. However, the below video clip (kindly sent to me by Maggie Wood of Maggie’s Scribbles) shows that this not only works, but is hilarious. Full cred to Michael Bolton who clearly has a sense of humour about himself and his yacht-rock history, and an excellent working in of some of the other iconic movies and cultural references for “people of a certain age” right up to the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

What did we do before You-tube? Enjoy!




6 responses

13 05 2012

Hilarious! Thanks so much for that 🙂

13 05 2012

my pleasure!

13 05 2012

Just saw Dark Shadows – Johnny Depp fantasy intact!

13 05 2012

Glad you liked it Louise. It’s a resource I dip into often when there isn’t enough silliness about!

26 05 2012
Sherry Nouraini (@snouraini)

Funny! Watching him in the pirate suite, made me appreciate Johnny Depp even more! Johnny Depp fanatsy, enhanced, exponentially!

26 05 2012

indeed – a bizarre but entertaining mix. Glad to hear the Johnny Depp fantasies are intact and that i have in some minor way, contributed!

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