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24 03 2012

As an intrepid explorer of social media, I find I am increasingly coming across a number of new social media options. And quite frankly, I’m not sure of their value and I’m not sure if I physically have the time to deal with them. So let me know your opinion.

I’ll start by declaring my social media preferences: I am addicted to Facebook, I love LinkedIn, I am quite active on Twitter (but largely promoting my blogs – true confession). I am somewhat present in Pinterest and Foursquare (although frankly Pinterest’s “ownership” of content makes nervous). I dip into Youtube from time to time but generally I don’t actually have the time to sit through a 3 minute video. True story. And I am obsessed with blogging. If you can count it, it is a competition. Sad but true.

1. Klout. I confess I lost faith in Klout when it nominated me as an expert on London. Why? I have no idea since I have not knowingly written anything about London online (it is too long since I have been there) and only a couple of my English friends live in London. How did Klout decide this was my area of expertise (as opposed to, for instance, the country I live in)?

2. Branchedout. This Facebook app bills itself as the network boasting the most job connections on Facebook. Hmm. Possibly because there isn’t any competition.

3. Aboutme. Point? Niche? I just don’t get it.

4. Peerindex. Seems like a copycat Klout.

Fundamentally these all don’t seem to add any value to my life, they take time and they request and collate my personal and online information into yet another source that I need to manage. Maybe I’d be better off being streamlined – sleek and aerodynamic and dump all the excess baggage.

Of course I could just be grumpy.





7 responses

24 03 2012

Interesting: I have never tried Pinterest, Foursquare, Klout etc. Occasionally on Facebook – sometimes daily, sometimes once or twice week. Linked-In now and again, and Twitter – well I use it much as you do.
Branchedout – I joined about 8 months ago, and since then haven’t use it at all.
The one I do use not mentioned is Plus1, mainly used to claim article authorship rather than networking.
I have never had any work related benefit from any of these social media networks – but I really don’t use them sufficiently to gain any benefit. However, one of my web customers gets more business (and web-traffic) from Facebook than any other source.

24 03 2012

I have never heard on Plus1! Is it any good? What is it’s purpose?

24 03 2012

PS – is Plus1 the same as Google +1, or is it something different? Can you send me the web address please?

24 03 2012

You got it – Google +1 – being referred to a lot as “Plus1” lately
Sorry for confusion.

24 03 2012

Always best to keep it simple. Your time is limited and that’s the same for pretty much everyone you know. Use what works for you and don’t bother with the rest 🙂

25 03 2012

agreed. I always hope there might be something useful but the extra ones seem to be copycats at the moment

25 03 2012

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