Another mystery château

12 03 2012

view of the château from the driveway

On a personal note, I am amazed that I have managed to remember the names of most of the many châteaux, villages and other sites we visited in our recent trip to France, particularly given that…

a) I didn’t write the names down
b) some of them were places we just came across and stopped, so they weren’t planned visits
c) some of our photographs were accidentally deleted by a small child, so some of the place-markers may have been deleted.

However, my memory has failed me on this one.

What I think I know……

In my photographs, this set of photographs comes immediately after Château de Jumilhac and immediately before
The troglodytes of Maison Fort de Reignac

The château was set up on a hill with the carpark at the bottom of the hill.

It was quite large and had very large dungeon/kitchens underneath.

There was an historic chapel that was a part of the main structure of the château .

Is that enough to go on? I am sure someone will know the name of this château – if you know the answer, please put the name in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

the approach to the château, featuring what used to be a drawbridge and a dry moat below

What to do with a dry moat? (viewed from the drawbridge)

in the dry moat

the chapel

elaborate gardens viewed from the château

elaborate gardens viewed from the château

corridors between the rooms and sections of the château were open to the elements. But I love the geometric perfection of the smooth stone arches.

gardens viewed from the château

view from the château

view from the château

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12 03 2012
Another mystery château | Five-star backpacker |

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12 03 2012

Love the gardens. Very creative hedge-trimmers!

12 03 2012

yes – I suspect there is a team of gardeners to maintain these sorts of gardens. The patterns apparently have meanings as well (although i am not sure what these particular patterns mean. The French seem very fond of geometric designs, and I must say they are very effective!

13 03 2012
Claire 'Word by Word'

Just spent two weeks in a lovely homely private chateau in Provence, colours, style, everything quite different to those in the centre of France. ‘Chateau de la Loubiere’

15 03 2012

we dfound as we drove around France the cpolours of the buildings and the andscape changed quietdramatically. Heading west the houses were made from a darker brown stone, the Loire Valley they were a paler creamy colour and the Dordogne was a darker rose colour. Very interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

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