Predictive text is not my friend

3 03 2012

Predictive text is not my friend.

Somehow, this function which apparently makes “everyone” else’s life easier completely fails me. It is completely unable to predict what I might be saying. Hence I have turned it off. Or more accurately, I got someone to turn it off for me, ‘cos I couldn’t be bothered working out how to do it myself.

Predictive text and its evil cousin, Autocorrect have taken over our world. One of the funniest websites I have seen is Damn you Autocorrect, and if you google “autocorrect”, a number of other similar websites come up. The number of hysterical miscommunications is increasing exponentially!

Of course the question has to be asked, if Autocorrect is based on words you have used before in texting – what on earth were people testing when they did want to use those words? Read a few of the more obscene ones and you’ll see what I mean. (They are not all obscene, but it is fair to say many of the funnier ones are. Count this as your warning and don’t click through if you are easily offended.) So when “Mom” accidentally tells you that she is doing something obscene – well, chances are she has used that word in a text before.

Anyway, this brief thought was prompted by a couple of glasses of wine and an article in our local newspaper about a texting error that brought out the police. Apparently a teenager in the state of Georgia texted his friend to say “gunna be at west hall today”, which his iphone autocorrect changed to “gunman be at west hall today”. The threat was apparently forwarded to police who shut down West Hall Middle and High Schools.

Under the circumstances he is lucky he didn’t get shot.

“Best of…” DYAC is here.




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3 03 2012
Predictive text is not my friend | Mudmap |

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4 03 2012
May Dayao

You should take a look at SwiftKey.

4 03 2012

thanks! I will.

4 03 2012
May Dayao

Hope you like it. We’ve been using it for almost 2 years now if not a little longer. It analyzes the way you construct your sentences and sometimes I never have to type anything because it comes up with a suggestion for the next word. So, if you’ve used for instance the phrase “I’ll see you later.” After you type the first word, it will know that next three words. Cheers!

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