the amazing gardens of Château de Villandry

11 02 2012

I find geometric designs very attractive – almost mesmerising – so one of the more memorable châteaux we visited in France was Château de Villandry in the Loire Valley (Vallee de Loire) which boasts the most amazing geometrically designed gardens.

As with all the Châteaux we visited, there were two ticket prices – Château , and Château + gardens. In this case the gardens are very much worth the visit, although their true spectacle is probably best viewed from the upper floors or rooftop of the Château. The gardens are not only ornamental, they are also symbolic (many of the designs symbolise various aspects of love) and functional – many of the plants are vegetables. One can only assume there is a team of gardeners employed year-round to keep these gardens in such amazing condition.

Enough chit-chat – these gardens speak for themselves!

we arrived at the châteaux on a murky morning luckily it cleared up quite quickly.

the gardens have a series of canals stocked with large gold and black fish

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4 responses

11 02 2012
***The LensMaster

I wonder how it feels like to live in a place like those in your photos.

11 02 2012

yes indeed – and a number of the chateaux were privately owned and the family still lived in them in private quarters. They didn’t seem to be operating on the same scale as they once had though! Thanks for stopping by and commenting

11 02 2012

The garden of Villandry is absolutely stunning, it’s one of the many chateaux that’ll stay in my heart forever. I can’t even put into words on how pretty it is. of course, the sheer size of it has something to do with it. I was lucky that I visited during a lovely sunny time in May 🙂

if you’re interested, here’s a little blog I wrote on it in 2010.

Thanks for this post and let me remember about the gorgeousness of this place!

11 02 2012

and thank-you – I’ll stop by your blog and have a look,. I just couldn’t get over the amazing gardens (and the chateau was pretty amazing as well)

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