Montignac – une très belle ville!

11 02 2012

the River Vezere

One of the many gorgeous little towns we stayed in during our trip around France was Montignac. Montignac is in the Dordogne Valley, a couple of hours south-west of Paris in the region known as Aquitaine. It’s initial attraction to us was its proximity to the Lascaux Caves. But the town itself was also beautiful. And – as an added bonus – it had a camera shop and I was able to buy a memory chip in the unusual size that my Sony camera requires. (Note for new players – and myself – while memory chips are available at almost all tourist shops in France, if you require any size other than the standard size chip, you will find it difficult to obtain. In future I will take additional chips. You might be surprised to find out about this issue given the very large number of photographs we took in France (in the region of 2500) but there were actually four of us taking photographs.)

Anyway, here are a few photographs of the beautiful Montignac.

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11 02 2012
Montignac – une très belle ville! | Five-star backpacker |

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