Fizzics and Chemistry: How to drink Champagne

10 02 2012

photo credit : Ross

First a disclaimer. I have borrowed that headline from the Daily Mail, because it I love a good pun!

Now, down to the important business at hand.

A study conducted at the University of Reims in France has found that champagne does actually taste better in a tall flute than in a saucer-shaped glass. Something to do with the flavour-enhancing bubbles (CO2) being better promoted in the flute. Apparently there are up to 30% more flavour-enhancing substances in the bubbles than in the rest of the drink. So Marilyn Monroe and Marie-Antoinette were wrong.

And decreasing the temperature of the champagne does not affect the amount of carbon dioxide in the champagne. However, colder champagne loses less CO2 when it is poured, hence being cold does make it taste better.

So now you know exactly how best to drink champagne. Cold, and in a flute.

I wonder if there any other such studies that I could get involved in? I feel a new career coming on!

Anyway, if this is your – I was going to say cup of tea, but obviously that is the wrong beverage – “thing”, here are the links to a couple of the important studies.

Champagne tastes better in flutes
Thermography shows how to pour champagne (Editor’s note: finally a genuine use for thermography!)

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10 02 2012
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