The Amalfi Coast

5 02 2012

view over Sorrento

In our recent European sojourn (actually it was May 2011 – time flies) we spent not-enough-time in Italy, based in Sorrento. On our first day in Sorrento we thought we were booked into a tour of Pompeii and Vesuvius but turns out it was the second day. So this left us with an unplanned day. We hopped on a tour of the Amalfi Peninsula. If I had but known, I would probably have taken the boat to Capri, but I didn’t work out how close it was until halfway through the tour. Nonetheless, it was fabulous exploring the peninsula, and I do like a tour where somebody who knows what they are talking about tells you what you are looking at.

So these photos were taken from a tour bus touring the Amalfi coast. Unfortunately I can’t remember all of the details of the sights we saw – the lighthouse rocks on Capri (viewed from the Mainland), the islands of the Sirens. But I can clearly remember the lemon orchards, sheltered from the weather by brush structures – and a renowned source of Limoncello, which I came to love so much as an after-dinner aperitif!

When in Sorrento we frequently had lemon sorbet as a dessert (yes I know it is supposed to be an appetite refresher between courses, but, none-the-less) and we have reproduced it at home. Basically the dessert runs like this: lemon sorbet, very finely grated lime zest, couple of spoonfuls of Limoncello. If you don’t have Limoncello, use vodka. This is an amazingly simple and yummy dessert and very refreshing, particularly if you like lemon. Which I do.

So please enjoy some photos from the Amalfi Coast. I am hoping to be back there soon.

lemon trees growing in the shade

hotel up a steep cliff from the road


Capri, with Lighthouse Rock formation on left

tall ship off Sorrento

fruit shop - featuring a giant yellow citrus fruit called Cidra


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5 02 2012
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5 02 2012
The Amalfi Coast | Five-star backpacker |

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5 02 2012
Sheeple Liberator

My favourite place in the world!!!

6 02 2012

We happened upon the Amalfi Coast by accident – I wanted to see Pompeii while we were in europe and the travel agent suggested we stayed in Sorrento rather than Naples. It was an amazing place, the people were so friendly. Next time we’ll stay a little longer!

7 02 2012
Wiki limoncello | Finalpricevehi

[…] The Amalfi Coast « Mud Map to Life in the Modern Age […]

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