Airline lets passengers choose seat partners based on social media profiles

11 01 2012

Via Scoop.itMudmap

KLM’s new Meet and Seat service will enable passengers to choose who they sit next to based on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.   I’m not sure whether I like this idea or not…but it is at least opt-in not opt-out 




2 responses

11 01 2012
Sheeple Liberator

“The Meet and Seat service will allow passengers to choose their in-flight neighbors based on their occupation, mutual interests and appearance.”

This sounds disturbingly like genetic engineering.

“Those who are not interested in making friends or contacts on their journey do not have to participate.”

Hee hee! I am laughing so hard right now (in a virtual online kind of way).

Are you on Twitter, Mudmap? I wanna follow you.

12 01 2012

haha – a friend commented that this put a whole new spin on the “mile high club”! which i guess leads on to genetic engineering……

Personally, I just thought about the potential for stalkers to use it for harm.

And yes, I am @mudmapped on Twitter, and also have a Mud Map page on Facebook.


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