Life would be so much easier if……

15 12 2011

It’s almost time to start thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions again. I love goal-setting. I actually do it four times a year, not just annually. I have specific dates for the reviews: My birthday (March), End of Financial Year, Halloween, and of course New Year’s Eve. For those of you not into goal setting that probably seems a little obsessive, but it works for me. Any longer and I lose motivation, any shorter and I can’t actually achieve anything noticeable in the time period.

I have achieved a number of goals over the years: saving money, getting a new job, investment, study etc. However, there are some that seem to come up every time and never seem to really get anywhere. And I know all the tricks about phrasing them in the positive (you don’t lose weight, you gain fitness), making sure they are specific, measurable, and have a timeline attached to them. Developing baby-steps and plans to sit behind each goal. Keeping them written somewhere obvious so you need to keep reading them adn reminding yourself. Yes, yes, done all that.

But I’m guessing some of these might plague you as well. So here are some of my “wish list”, should a Fairy Godmother come flying by….. If these things could come true, life would be so much easier (and I would be achieving those stubbornly resistant goals).

If only……

photo credit Charlie Brewer

1. Buying a book counted as having read it (and you absorbed all the knowledge through osmosis). Particularly educational literature.

photo credit Adactio

2. Buying diet food counted as having dieted.

photo credit Magnus D

3. Signing up for the gym counted as having done the workouts. Ditto for buying the exercise equipment, clothes and running shoes.

phto credit: all day I dream

4. Printing the journal article counted as having read and absorbed the information (for study purposes)

phot credit getzzy photography

5. Buying the clothes and/or makeup counted as becoming the model in the advert for the clothes

Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that. SIGH! Off to diet, exercise and read now.

I am sure there will be a posting about goals setting coming along shortly, so please pop back if you are interested, or sign up to get updates delivered by email.



4 responses

15 12 2011
Cate would be nice if the steps taken to get things to acheive the goals were counted as getting them done…fairy godmother come my way too please.

Hmmm yet just this week…..its taken 6 years, but I finally unpacked the last of my boxes from when I moved to adelaide. One goal done. Its taken nearly all year to get up to the shed to sort and clean it out – another goal done. Im having a garage sale to clear it all out and what doesn’t sell gets donated – another goal almost done. A few other sorting/clearing out goals to be finished tomorrow for garage sale – the final big goal “declutter”!!! almost done 🙂

I’ll worry about new goals come new year…I’ll ponder them for awhile and then decide which to pursue. They need to be realistic, acheivable, and practicle, otherwise they just stress me out too much. Here’s to the New Year.

16 12 2011

Thanks Cate – so for you, deciding to tidy should count as tidying! I could agree with that one as well!

16 12 2011

PS – good luck with the garage sale.

19 12 2011
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