Are you missing messages on Facebook?

10 12 2011

I have just read a fascinating article about where Facebook hides messages from people other than friends.

What – you didn’t know about this? No, neither did I, nor it would seem the article’s author and many of her friends. I am a prolific and I thought, relatively adept Facebook user and had no idea I was missing so many messages.

The trick is, on the left hand side of your Facebook screen, click on the word “Messages”. A folder should open up underneath it called “Other”. Click on this and see how many messages come up.

I had 59 messages waiting for me (plus a link to find “older messages”. Some of these were spam (a few offers of meetings of people who liked the look of me – amusing since my profile photo is a picture of the Eiffel Tower). Some were from people I play online scrabble with (they probably thought me very rude for not answering). But there were also a large number from pages that I subscribe to. Some of these were special offers, one told me I had won a tray of cheese (luckily I did know about that and got the cheese! Hello and thanks to Udder Delights!) And a number were training courses with due dates now long since passed. Note that none of these messages in the Other folder came up as a number against Messages to tell me there was something waiting for me. I was lucky – there was nothing really important that I missed, unlike the author in the linked article.

So now I have to remember to….

1. Check the Wall feed is set to “recent stories first” not “highlighted stories first”

2. Keep an eye on the ticker as a lot of these do not seem to come up on my wall

3. Check the Other folder in Messages as well as any messages from friends that have come up in the Messages folder.

Convenience, Facebook, convenience is what we want. Having to find out these sorts of things through word of (electronic) mouth, and check multiple areas to make sure nothing important is being missed is not user-friendly. I understand that their aim was to separate possible SPAM and unwanted messages from messages from friends…..which is fine if they let us know about it and it was obvious on the screen that there was another place we needed to look for messages.

Now I just have to work out how to access the Other folder from the mobile app…..

Feel free to share this around – I suspect many people don’t know about this folder.




2 responses

10 12 2011

I checked mine…all empty…good to know about it. Thankyou.

10 12 2011

A few people have commented on mudmap on Facebook that they had messages – noone seems to have known about it previously!

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