Who are you?

26 11 2011

OMG - do I know you? Photo credit Polycart

I have a shocking memory for names and faces.

I can remember people in context, but out of context….welllllll……..

The worst place for this is shopping on the weekend.
1. It’s the weekend. I have turned my brain off.
2. If you are someone I know from work or from the children’s school – well, it’s the weekend, I don’t usually see you on the weekend.
3. You are probably dressed differently and somewhat less groomed (not a judgement, just a fact). You are unrecognisable (see how I turned that around and made it your fault???)
4. It’s the weekend. I probably have my children with me and am hopelessly distracted in restricting their spending habits and breaking up petty squabbles.

So there I am wandering peacefully through the shopping centre on the weekend, lost in my own thoughts…..and suddenly there is someone I vaguely recognise!

PANIC! Should I say hello? What if I am mistaken? What if I need to introduce them? Should I just smile and nod? Anyone can smile and nod. Where the hell do I know them from?

Options are:
1. Work. Yes I have completely ignored colleagues in shopping centres because I didn’t recognise them.
2. School. Are parent of a classmate of one of my many children? Have we been to a birthday party / playdate / sleepover?
3. Are they someone who works in one of the local shops around here? Yes, some of these people are really familiar to me ….providing they are behind the counter I expect them to be behind.
4. Former schoolmate, uni-mate, workmate – the options are endless.

So we’ve covered what the hell you are wearing….but we’ve missed the other side of this.

Just to recap.

It’s the weekend. I am off duty.

This means I am not in my work clothes, and I am not in my work makeup. My hair may be somewhat different – scraped back into a pony-tail or just captured under my sunglasses.

I won’t list the types of outfits I have been known to wear to the supermarket on the weekend, but let’s just say they can be characterised by the term “casual”.

Do I want to be recognised? Perhaps it is best that we both pretend we haven’t noticed each other.

Which brings me circuitously to the next video clip of people who clearly didn’t care very much what they were wearing when they went shopping. I need to stress that none of these people is me. None of these people even vaguely resembles me. And I do not wear (or fail to wear) any of the outfits being modelled in this clip.

And many thanks to my friend Christa for bringing this to my attention. You have given me nightmares.

People of Walmart

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