17 11 2011

photo credit: Alexander P Kapp

Ever walk into a room and forget why? Open a fridge and can’t remember what you wanted?

Did you think perhaps you were having a seniors’ moment? That your alcohol consumption was catching up with you? That you had too much to think about? Did you worry about early onset dementia? (or is that just me?)

Fret no longer, Science to the rescue. A study at Notre Dame University, Indiana, has discovered it is the door’s fault.

There is a reason why you forget things when you walk into another room. As you exit one locale through a doorway, and enter another (and I count the fridge as a locale), your brain thinks that you have exited one “event”, seals off the memory and starts taking in sights, sounds and sensations from the new environment / event. Re-entering the previous room can sometimes jog your memory.

So now you know the real reason – and you can blame the door for your poor memory. It’s always good to be able to allocate blame.

To read more about this, click <a href="” title=”It’s the door’s fault” target=”_blank”>here.




2 responses

17 11 2011

Ahhh- that magical door!

And we have so many sayings & metaphorical ideas relating to them…closing one door, opening another; doorways of our minds; spiritual doors….gives them all a different spin!

26 11 2011
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