Life in 3D

14 11 2011

photo credit: RCabanilla

Have you noticed, almost every movie comes out in a 3D version now? Particularly children’s movies. Which makes a family outing to the cinema even more expensive. And it’s not like the adults can have the normal version and the children can go 3D – if you are going to sit together then it is one or the other. And you know which one the children pick – the one with the novelty value, the one the advertising tells them is better, the 3D version.

Personally, I could care less. After the initial novelty of something appearing to leap from the screen aimed straight for your head, I barely notice the difference. Does it make my movie experience better? No. I have uncomfortable glasses perched on my nose and I don’t see any benefit in terms of picture or experience quality.

In fact I think the adverts make use of the 3D technology better than the movies. The other place where it really works is in theme parks. Somehow on those short rides where they show you a 5 or 10 minute film clip to go along with the experience – those movies are focussed on using the 3D technology. The other movies are focussed on telling the story, and occasionally they remember to use the 3D to get a gasp from the audience. It all seems a little superfluous, a little fake and pointless.

I do have friends who swear by it. I think they pick what they want to see based on the availability of 3D.

So is it just me? Is there something wrong with my eyesight / brain that is over-riding the amazing revolutionary mind-blowing technological experience of 3D? Or is it just another gimmick?

I don’t see us getting 3D TV any time soon.




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