How can a head cold be so debilitating?

7 11 2011

photo credit: Dominic Alves

I should probably start this blog by apologising. I apologise for typos, I apologise for bad grammar, I apologise for poor sentence structure, I apologise if it doesn’t make sense and I apologise if it suddenly peters off mid-thought.

Still interested in reading? I really know how to sell, don’t I?

I have a head cold. Yesterday I thought it might be hayfever but it has definitely come on overnight to a full-blown headcold.

My sinuses ache and itch, my nose drips, my head aches, my mouth tastes yucky, sneezing hurts my throat and I feel exhausted. In a word, BLECH.

Of course I know that head colds are not fatal – although sometimes you might wish they were. I know in the scheme of things, a head cold is a mild inconvenience, a temporary illness that will pass in a few days.

But meanwhile, it has an amazing ability to make you feel awful, truly substandard. Its hard to think of anything else when your nose is dripping – except “where are those tissues?”

And the worst part – head colds are so wildly contagious, I am bound to spread it around the family so even once I am better, I will get to suffer it vicariously.

I have heard that head colds are very ancient virii (plural of virus). Old virii don’t kill the victim, they allow you to live so you can better spread them. Newer virii (eg: AIDS, Ebola) kill the victim, which greatly inhibits their ability to be spread. Killing your host is not a good plan for world domination.

This gives me no comfort whatsoever. My only pleasure in life is whinging.

So thanks for listening. I am off to get some panadeine. (For the non-Australians, this is paracetamol and codeine.)




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