7 11 2011

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My current illness (nothing dire, just a head cold, but I am making the most of it!) has prompted an interest in contagion theory….and the areas most likely to be a health hazard to the average healthy adult.

A friend pointed out that of course the most effective and common vectors of illness in society are….wait for it….small children.

Their hygiene habits leave a lot to be desired, their immune systems are often poorly developed. Things go into their mouths that shouldn’t, then get wiped all over – whatever. Sticky slobbery fingers. And sharing. If anyone is going to introduce illness into a household, it will likely be the small child.

Which makes preschools and schools a hotbed of virii and contagion. One can only presume that teachers, like doctors and nurses, develop pretty strong immune systems after a few months of constant exposure to illness.

So if you were to try to avoid exposure to illness, where and what should you avoid? In no particular order…..

– schools, preschools and kindergartens. Anywhere where there are large numbers of children cooped up, particularly in air conditioning.
– shopping centres. The walking dead still need to eat and fill their prescriptions.
– small children generally. See above.
– door handles
– doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. Again, full of sick people.
– cuddly toys – a haven for germ multiplication, particularly those that have been sucked on by a small child. And which ones haven’t?

And if all else fails and you get sick anyway, please stay home! The point of a head cold is to stay indoors, preferably in bed, watch daytime TV, drink warm soup and feel sorry for yourself.

May as well make the most of it!




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