16 09 2011

I have to say the quality of the spam comments I am getting has declined markedly.

At first they said amazingly flattering (and obviously true!) things about me and my blog. I was indispensible. Every post was relevant, full of thought-rivetting ideas. They were amazed at how my every utterance fulfilled their every need.

But disillusion seems to have set in. I still get the occasional (grammatically incorrect) vow to bookmark the blog and read it regularly. But more often it is either a derogatory comment on my SEO links (or lack thereof), or sometimes – and this is sheer laziness – just a web link.

So my appeal for spammers out there – put some effort into it. If you really want me to leave your comments up on the blog you are going to have to work for it. You are going to have to rekindle the original love-relationship we had, your infatuation needs to be clear on the page. Sweet-talk me.

And then maybe we’ll talk.




One response

16 09 2011

my spammers only want enhance the size and performance of my male member – and I’m female!

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