Old dogs

5 09 2011


Our Papillon Bella is an old lady.

She came from the pound, and came into the house because the dog we had at the time (most definitely MY dog), a kelpie called Tricka, only liked dogs that were significantly smaller than her. Tricka was completely trustworthy with children and small furry things, but a dog her size or bigger required attacking. Hence, when we decided to get my stepsons a dog, a Papillon fitted the bill.

Bella, being small and frail, found her niche under the bedclothes at the foot of the bed. During my high-risk pregnancy she took up residence on my lap, then as my belly expanded and there was no lap left, pressed up next to me.

Fast forward many years. Tricka died after a series of strokes. She is still the best dog I ever knew.

Now Bella is the grand old dame of the house. The new dog, a shitzu named Aragorn (yes, named after the Lord of the Rings character) came into the house as a puppy and although he is now bigger and stronger, he bows to the grumpy old lady whose territory he has invaded.

We now have another invader – Thumper the rabbit. Thumper is unfortunately not as respectful as Aragorn and has been know to charge Bella. He gets time-out for his indiscretions.

Bella doesn’t have many teeth left. She totters around the house, wanders slowly in the sunshine in the grass outside, and gives the occasional toothless snap at Aragorn if he gets a little frisky.

She probably doesn’t have much time left, and my boys, who have never know a pet die, don’t know what they are in for.

She has been a lovely member of the family. It will be a different house without her.




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18 09 2011
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