4 09 2011

At my sons’ school they have a weekly Virtue. This is discussed at length in class as to what the virtue is, what that behaviour looks like, why it is important. It is sent home in the newsletter, and displayed on the School sign at the front of the school so the early morning and afternoon traffic jam can reflect on the virtues. “Kindness”. “Patience”. “Civility”.

At the end of the week each class nominates which of their students has best exhibited the virtue. That child gets a certificate, their name in the newsletter, and a special lunch with the other Virtue winners. So far so good.

One of my sons, who is know for his ability to get what he wants (can’t imagine where he gets that from) recently won two Virtue Awards.

What were they? Glad you asked. Persistence. and Determination.

Had to laugh. The child is a world class nagger (that would be the persistence) and he could negotiate for Australia (that would be the determination). At no point does he consider that No might be the end of the conversation, even if I specifically state that it is.

Had to laugh. Then take a valium and lie down to get some peace and quiet from a small boy who can’t see why he doesn’t run the house, and why we don’t all just do what he wants anyway. It would be easier.




4 responses

4 09 2011

Grant & I are sitting here laughing and trying to determine which out of two this virtue winner might be….

5 09 2011

really? Is it not that obvious? Mr Competitive?

3 08 2012

Oh joy, I’ll be in the same boat in about 8 years with Master Callum, who at 17 months firmly believes he is the centre of the universe and we exist to serve him!

3 08 2012

A! And having a sibling only makes them more determined to assert their dominance! Exhausting!

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