Social Media Statistics

27 08 2011

1. Australians are amongst the highest users of social media in the world, spending approximately 22% of their online time on social media (comScore).

2. As of August 2011, 49.27% of us had been on Facebook in the last month, ranking as the 19th highest user country in the world. (SocialBakers)

3. We are the sixth highest country for LinkedIn users – 11.39% (SocialBakers)

4. A recent KPMG survey found that only 42% of business managers reported that their company used social media. 50% said they did not and 8% were unsure.

5. 70.7% of companies reported blocking social media sites at work (Proskauer)

6. 27.4% reported that social media use was monitored at work. (Proskauer)

7. 55.1% said their workplace had policies relating to social media use, of which 44% said the policies covered social media use at work and out of work. (Proskauer)

8. The top 13 Twitter accounts are all celebrities in the entertainment industry, with the exception of Barack Obama (No.3 with 9,808,161 followers, compared to Lady Gaga at No.1 with 12,915,716, and Justin Bieber at No.2 with 12,131,876) (SocialBaker)

9. Novelty Fact. Beyonce has managed to amass a following of 1.5million on Twitter – 500,000 more than her husband Jay-Zee – but has never sent a single Tweet. (Forbes) She therefore ranks 259 In the most popular Twitter accounts, and surely has the best return on effort! (SocialBakers)

10. For those of you who are interested in Facebook Games…. Zynga Games’ Cityville is the most popular Facebook Game, ranking as the third most popular Facebook App behind Static FBML and Facebook for i-phones. Cityville has 14,632,349 daily users and 75,480,744 monthly users. Other creations of Zynga Games, Empires and Allies (No.5) and Texas Hold-em Poker (No.8) and Farmville (No.9) rounded off a highly successful symbiotic relationship between Facebook and Zynga. (SocialBakers) In fact, of Facebooks worldwide 402,322,386 monthly active users, 239,110,321 are using Zynga games and products.

Please don’t send me your Farmville or Cityville requests!

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27 08 2011
Janet Devlin


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