imagine what you could do if you didn’t think you could fail

14 08 2011

Imagine if you decided that you would go wherever you felt you needed to go, and you would do what needed to be done irrespective of the odds and the danger.

Moira Kelly with Trishna and Krishna

This is the story of Moira Kelly, founder of the Children First Foundation. Born in Melbourne in 1964, she decided she wanted to be an altarboy like her brothers – so she talked the local priest into letting her. As she tells it, the parishoners would comment on “that altar boy with the long hair”. When the church officials came to visit they would hide her.

At age 20 she set off for remote WA to work with Aboriginal children. Since then she has worked in Calcutta with Mother Teresa (arriving without notice and without accomodation booked), Botswana, with the Kalahari Bushmen, in Romania, Bosnia, the Bronx, Johannesburg, Albania. From the way she tells it, mostly her parents didn’t really know what she was doing or where she was going – she didn’t want to worry them.

She has worked with Aids babies, with refugees, with famine victims, with the poor and the sick, but always with children and their families.

If you are wondering why you know the name, she is the lady who sponsored Trishna and Krishna, the conjoined twins from India, to come to Australia for separation surgery. All of Australia and possibly the world held its breath as we waited to find out the result of this dangerous but life-altering operation. And of course, as we know now it was a success.

Moira is the patron of the Children First Foundation. Trishna and Krishna are just two of the many children this organisation has sponsored from all over the world – and from around Australia – for such life changing surgery. I heard her speak at a fundraising function recently. Her life is amazing, the places she has been, the difference she has made in the lives of people she has come across. Her adopted son Immanuel, formerly from Iraq, sang beautifully at the same function.

Suddenly I feel like an underachiever.

If you would like to donate to the Children First Foundation, please click here.




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7 07 2012
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21 02 2013
Teresa Bivar

They are lovely, YOU are lovely, your work, your dedication, your love! Bless you 🙂

21 02 2013

You are very kind, but please visit the website of the charity, they are the ones doing the work. Kind regards.

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