wrinkles of creativity

2 08 2011

(picture courtesy macro photography)

I am sitting at my keyboard with a pencil gripped between my teeth and my eyebrows raised.

No, it is not a new form of exercise designed to keep my face taut and unlined. It is an experiment.

In our local paper today was an article “Unleash your genius” in which Dr Amantha Imber, an organisational psychologist talked about how raising your eyebrows can unleash your creativity. Worth a try I thought. Can’t do any harm beyond a few more forehead wrinkles.

But it reminded me of another physicality which was supposed to work on the mind. Apparently the act of smiling can make you feel happier. And it is not a case of “act as if” – the “smiling” can be simulated through gripping a pencil sideways across your mouth and drawing your lips back so they don’t touch. Apparently that is enough to trick your mind into thinking you are happy.

Of course we understand the bigger picture physicality – sitting slumped with your head down will encourage depression. Conversely sitting and walking upright, head up and shoulders back will give you a better outlook on life. But imagine if it were so easy to trick your mind that you could just rearrange your face to create some of the outcomes you wanted.

Worth a few wrinkles, I think.




2 responses

3 08 2011

i am excercising my top end for my creativity & my bottom end for my old age as we speak, thanks for the hot tip.

4 08 2011

haha – thanks Kerryn! Let me know if it works. (the eyebrows, not the bottom)

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