Ode to the Psychic Fruit Fly

10 07 2011

Ah, the multi-talented fruit fly, staple of genetics experiments the world over…..

Now poised to take over the role of the recently departed and sadly lamented “Paul”, the psychic German Octopus, font of predictive knowledge for soccer games (although of course, being German, he would have known them as football, not soccer).

At this stage the Fruit Flies have an almost amazing ability to predict the outcome of matches incorrectly….which, as the winner of several footy-tipping wooden spoons, I contend is surely a talent. Also, as fruit flies have six legs and Paul presumably had eight, they are probably at a mathematical disadvantage. Which may or may not be relevant.

If we discover that fruit flies are in fact psychic, will that undo years of research? Maybe they knew what we wanted them to do all along…..Were they just humouring us? Will we have to reconsider how the genetic pool continues to replicate itself in recombinant forms?

Many thanks to Improbable Research for bringing this little ray of metaphysical hope to an otherwise dull logical world.

PS – OK, I accept Ode was probably false advertising. A glass of wine was possibly involved in the writing of this post.




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